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Right now you’re experiencing a wide range of emotions if you, a family member, friend or loved one has recently received a diagnosis of cancer. We at the bioDYNE Labs Centre are here to offer you the medical care, physical conditioning, psychological counseling and personalized help you will need to best navigate the physical, emotional, insurance and financial challenges that a cancer diagnosis presents. Most importantly, we are here to offer you hope, physical well-being and vitality. By combining universally accepted conventional therapies with an integrated multi-disciplinary treatment plan, we at the bioDYNE Labs Centre provide uniquely personalized care for the support and management of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma, leukemia and other such diseases. The bioDYNE Labs Centre treats the whole person. Our physicians, specialists and staff offer healing, recovery, life and living strategies for people with cancer. Every management program we provide is individually tailored using careful assessments to answer the unique care needs of every single bioDYNE Labs Centre patient.

We hope our website answers many of the questions you have about your treatment and care options. Most of all, we hope that we’ll be able to help you by providing the quality of comprehensive and genuinely integrative treatment that the bioDYNE Labs Centre offers….care as unique as you.


About the Founder
Dr. David Tan Boon Chee, MBBS (Singapore) Dr Tan graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery from the University of Singapore. He was appointed as the Medical Superintendent of Kwong Wai Shiu Free Hospital from August 1973 – July 1975. Under his leadership, the hospital, which initially catered only to the Cantonese Clan, was made public and opened to all races. This was part of Dr Tan’s Charity work. Here, modern Medical Doctor’s, Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturists worked under the same roof. It was here that Dr Tan developed his passion and interests in Chinese herbs and his belief that herbs can be utilized to cure diseases including cancer. After converting the hospital into a public one, he returned to his own clinic which he founded in 1972 until his recent retirement.

Through all these years, Dr Tan continued his interests in herbal medicine and invested accordingly. The fruits of his work materialized in the formation of the bioDYNE Labs Group of Companies. Dr. Tan has > 40 years of personal interest and personal research into medicinal herbal cures for Cancer.

  • In the beginning, Dr. Tan’s interests and passion was inspired and supported by an inheritance from his grandfather (Heng Mui Keng), a late philanthropist and land developer (Serangoon Gardens, NUS, Pasir Panjang).
  • Set up his own private practice in 1972.
  • Dr. Tan continued to fund his passion from his own successes as an early pioneer of Medical Hypnosis in Singapore and as an Aesthetics Doctor.
  • His passion and interest in Cancer Research is evident from the early years of his career. First published paper on children’s cancer in the Singapore Medical Journal in September ,1970 Medical Superintendent of the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, Singapore from 1973 – 1975, where Dr. Tan managed western trained doctors as well as the traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists.
  • Had invested much of his personal wealth in collaborations and partnerships with scientists from the US in the early eighties to find natural, phyto-pharmaceutical cures for cancer. The accumulations of all the research work done is reflected in the patent held by the company.
  • Postgraduate diploma from the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.
  • Fellow of The Western Australian Society for Medical Hypnosis.
  • Panel of Independent Practitioners for the Hospital Transplant Ethics Committee, Parkway Group Healthcare Pte. Ltd. 1997- 98
  • Dr. Tan’s first published paper on CANCER in the Singapore Medical Journal, September 1970
Dr.Thiang Hoe GAN, CLS., MS., MB(Med).,PH.D., HCLD (ABB) Senior Vice-President, Research & Development
Dr. Gan was a Associate Professor of Immunology and later Integrative Medicine; and a Board Certified Clinical Laboratory Director with American Association of Integrative Medicine, American Academy of Anti-Aging / Nutritional Medicine and American Society of Clinical Pathology (Specialist Public Health). He was previously a Clinical Director at the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases, Clinical Director at VitaFit Center for Life (Anti- Aging / Nutritional Medicine), Clinical Consultant with Consolidated Medical Bioanalysis, the Director of Infectious Disease / Immunology Laboratory, Assistant Research Professor of Microbiology / Medicine, Associate Professor of Integrative Medicine, Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Professor of Immunology and Clinical Consultant Dr. Gan has received a number of honors and awards including: Outstanding Service in the Fight Against Emphysema, Tuberculosis and Pollution and Contribution to Research on Cardiovascular Diseases from Long Beach Lung Association, Certification of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions to Interns and Residents and Interns and Residents Outstanding Teaching Award in Internal Medicine Training Program from St Mary Medical Center, Long Beach.
Dr. Jean-Paul Deslypere MD.PhD. (Europe)
Senior Vice-President, Clinical Research

Dr. Deslypere got his medical degree from the University of Gent in Belgium in 1977. After graduation he specialized in Internal Medicine/Endocrinology and started a scientific career at the Belgian
National Fund of Scientific Research (NFSR) and at the
University of Gent. He obtained Board, Management and Scientific Advisors his PhD in Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases in 1984. Being clinically active he was director of the Endocrine Lab at the University and also Head of the Metabolic and Lipid Disorder Clinic of the University Hospital. He spent two years (1987-1988) at the Dept of Human Nutrition (Agricultural University Wageningen) where
he worked with Prof M.Katan and one year (1991 ) at the Dept of Medicine (University of Texas South Western Medical School Dallas) where he worked with Prof Jean Wilson. In 1992 he was appointed
Professor of Endocrinology and Research Director at the NFSR. Dr. Deslypere left the University in 1997 and started working for
the clinical trial industry, first as Director International
Operations of a central lab (BARC) and subsequently as Regional Director Asia Pacific for ICON Clinical Research based in Singapore. In 2002 he joined the Singapore Government as Research Director National Healthcare Group and the National University Singapore as Adjunct Professor. For 2 years, he was also Director of the Singapore
Government's CRO (CTERU) and is currently also Director of the Singapore Good Clinical Practice Programme.

Prof. (Dr.) Peter Lim Huat Chye
M.B.,B.S. (Singapore), M.Med(surgery) (Singapore), D.Urology (London),
Fellow, International College of Surgeons,Fellow College of Surgeons (M’sia),Fellow, Academy of Medicine (S’pore)

Urological Surgery
Prof. (Dr.) Peter Lim is a Senior Consultant and the Medical Director of Andrology, Urology & Continence Centre at Gleneagles Hospital,
Singapore. Prof. (Dr.) Peter Lim also serves as the Adjunct Professor (Men's Health) at Edith Cowen University, Western Australia. He is President of the Society for the Society for Men’s Health (Singapore). Prof. (Dr.) Peter Lim is also President of the Society for Continence,
Singapore, President of the Asia-Pacific Continence Advisory Board and the Asian Society for Female Urology. Graduating with an MBBS from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Singapore in 1975,
Prof. (Dr.) Peter Lim went on to obtain his Mastership in Advanced Surgery, from the same university in 1980. From 1987 to 1988 he completed Advanced Urology Training at the University of Edinburgh
(Western General Hospital), in the UK. His previous positions include Chief of the Department of Urology at Changi General Hospital (1997–2000) and Head of the Division of Urology at Toa Payoh
Hospital (1991–1997). Prof. (Dr.) Peter Lim also currently served as a Visiting Consultant at the National University Hospital of Singapore for 3 years previously. A member of many international societies, including the American Urological Society, the International Society for Impotence Research and the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male Prof. (Dr.) Peter Lim has also served on the editorial boards of various journals, including the Singapore Medical Journal
and the Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. Himself the author of many articles published in peer-review journals, Prof. (Dr.)
Peter Lim has also contributed to nine previous books. His research interests and specialties include andrology, erectile dysfunction,
incontinence and general urology. Amongst honours conferred on him are the Honorary Membership of the Institute of Urology, London (1992) and the Singapore Urological Association Lectureship of the Year 2001. He received the Best Scientist of the Year Award by the
international Research Promotion Council in 2003 for applied clinical research he did with Professor Giles Brindley of the University of London.

Dr Eddie Chang Wei Chun
Dr. Chang was Senior Registrar in Orthopaedic Surgery at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital in 1980. From 1981 to this present day, Dr. Chang is currently a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in the Practice of Traumatic, Arthroscopic, Spinal & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Chang has worked in, the field of Orthopaedic, Trauma and Spinal Surgery for more than 35 years. His special interests include Traumatic, Arthroscopic, Spinal & Reconstructive Surgery. He is also the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Mount Alvernia Hospital, East Shore Hospital and Thomson Medical Centre.

Dr. Chang is an accredited specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery by Specialist Accreditation Board, Ministry of Health, Singapore. He was also Past Member, Medical Advisory Board, Gleneagles Hospital. Dr. Chang is a current Fellow of the International College of Surgeons (F.I.C.S.). In 2004, he served as the Treasurer, International College of Surgeons (Singapore Section). Then in 2005, he was made Honorary Surgeons Auditor, International College of Surgeons (Singapore Section), and in 2006, he was nominated as currently holds the position of Vice-President, International College of Surgeons. Dr. Chang is also the current Vice-Chairman, Chapter of Orthopaedic Surgeons, College of Surgeons, Singapore.
Dr Gong Ing San
MBBS (Singapore) 1971,FRCS (General Surgery) (Glasgow)
1975,FAMS (Gen Surgery) 1988 Gastro Intestinal & Abdominal Surgery

Dr Gong graduated as a Medical Doctor in Singapore in 1971 and graduated as a Fellow at Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK in 1975. In 1983, Dr Gong was awarded Colombo Plan Scholarship for Japan for Surgical Oncology, Gastric Cancer for 4 months as research fellow National Cancer Centre. In 1992, he was further awarded a scholarship f rom Health Manpower Development Plan, Singapore to further Surgical Oncology at the Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada. He is conferred a Fellow at Academy of Medicine in 1988 and a present Member of Liver Transplant Team at Asians
Centre for Liver Diseases and Transplantation, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. From 1989 – 1994, Dr Gong was the Head of Surgery, Changi General Hospital, Singapore. Presently, Dr Gong is the Consultant Surgeon at Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore.
Mr. Shannon Tan BS, BA (Syracuse, New York)
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Shannon Tan is the COO of the bioDYNE Labs Group of companies, overseeing both the business operations and manufacturing aspects of the company. Mr. Shannon Tan has a Double Major degree in Finance (BS) (Martin J. Whitman School of Management) and International Relations (BA) (Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs) from the Top Tier Syracuse University in New York, USA. Prior to joining bioDYNE Labs®, Mr. Tan started out at Salomon Smith and Barney / Citigroup in New York in 2000. In 2004, he left his last position at the American Computer Technology Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was in Quantitative Analytics Development. Mr. Tan is also a Brother of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (Alpha Chi Chapter, New York).
Mr. Chan Cher Boon
Senior Vice-President, Corporate Strategy

Mr. Chan is professionally qualified in accountancy and law and has diverse experience in both fields of work in a number of countries with different legal jurisdictions and financial environments. His expertise in corporate and business law and in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions was gained through his services with Price Waterhouse (in the United Kingdom, Australia and South East Asia), with Standard Chartered Group (in London and Singapore) and through his own legal practice. He has served as CEO of public listed companies in Hong Kong and Singapore and as independent director of several listed companies.
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